Analisis Performansi Sistem Produksi Genteng (Studi Kasus: PT. XYZ , Cikokol)

  • Trifenaus Prabu Hidayat
  • Indra Kusno
Keywords: Waste, Value Stream Mapping, Lean Manufacturing System, Simulation


This research discusses the proposed implementation of lean manufacturing system at PT. MONIER. PT.
MONIER is a manufacturing company engaged in the production of tiles with 3 types of product that is Exel
tile, Centurion tile and Elabana tile. PT. MONIER is using push system as their production system method
at the moment. Current state value stream mapping is made to see shop floor as a big picture. Calculation
shows that current state Process Cycle Efficiency (PCE) is very low with only 4,51%. The company still far
from “lean” because minimum requirement of a company called lean when the value of PCE more than
30%. Meanwhile, current state Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is 79,98%. From the observation, it
can be found that there are many non-value added activity (waste) at PT. MONIER factory. From the
identification of waste using check sheet and cost calculation resulted by wastes, it was found that inventory
waste post the biggest cost with 92,8% of the total cost of existing waste. With further analyze, it is known
that the root cause from inventory waste is due to the company allow overproduction and there is wrong
philosophy against inventory. Those root causes which has found before is to be eliminated with lean
manufacturing system approach. There are several methods that will be applied in PT. MONIER such as 5S
implementation and standarized work, then future state value stream mapping is made to see all proposed
methods in a big picture. In addition, this future state condition will be simulated to give a better
perspective. With the implementation of lean manufacturing system, future condition is as same as current
state value condition. Future state Process Cycle Efficiency (PCE) is 4,51% and future state Overall
Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is 79,98%. This happens because the theory and methods of lean from lean
manufacturing system can only be applied on the assembly line and one piece flow.

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