Penggunaan Metode Algoritma Craft dan Blocplan untuk Perbaikan Tata Letak Fasilitas Lantai Produksi pada Industri Sparepart Sepeda Motor

  • Leonardo Leonardo
  • Hotma Antoni Hutahaean
Keywords: Facility Layout, Improvement Algorithm, Hybrid Algorithm


Performance and productivity of production line system are very influenced by facility layout planning.
Facilities composition which is appropriate with flow of materials between departments, certainly would
sustain the continuity of the system. PT. X is one of the subsidiaries of PT. Astra Otoparts Tbk. which
manufactures motorcycle chains. Composition of the current layout facilities on the 1st Plant has not fully
optimized well and indeed has a potential possibility to be developed further in the future. This statement is
supported from the result of existing MHPS which gives Rp 1,047,678.49 for total cost of material handling,
463.1 meters for total distance, and 1,617.24 minutes for total time of material movements. Also, the total
area of empty spaces that can be utilized by the company in the current layout is only 89.74 m2. As for the
purposes of this research are: analyzing the performance of current layout, developing new layout designs to
improve the current one, and comparing the current with proposed improvement layouts. The process of
designing proposed layouts is done by using improvement-based algorithm (CRAFT) and hybrid/composite
algorithm (BLOCPLAN) that both of the algorithms need same inputs, which are: current facility layout and
the flow of material. Based from the results of MHPS calculation for both proposed layouts, show that layout
from BLOCPLAN algorithm gives maximal reduction to the total cost of material handling so that the
amounts will be decreased to Rp 1,022,419.91 (reducing 2.4% from total cost of current layout), 434.62
meters for total distance (reducing 6.2%), and 1,506.23 minutes for total time of material movements
(reducing 6.86%). As for the total area of empty spaces, BLOCPLAN layout gives 110.74 m2 (23.4%) to be
minimized than the current layout.

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