MITRA: Jurnal Pemberdayaan Masyarakat 2020-01-21T02:53:19SE Asia Standard Time Sri Hapsari Wijayanti Open Journal Systems <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>MITRA: Jurnal Pemberdayaan Masyarakat (Journal of Community Empowerment)</strong> is published by Institute for&nbsp; Research and Community Service, Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, through the Center for Community Empowerment since November 2017 with p-ISSN <a href="">2598-7860</a> and e-ISSN <a href="">2598-8182</a>.&nbsp;MITRA provides a platform for lecturers, practitioners, students, researchers, national and international to publish the results of devotion to the community that has been done and impacted by the partner. The activity takes sides for weak communities (financially, socially, intellectually, etc.) that give a treatment to improve and develop human resources, focusing on the field of service to community, community empowerment, service socio-cultural aspects, and the development of sustainable education community. MITRA published twice a year in May and November.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">&nbsp;</p> <p style="line-height: 18.75pt; background: white; margin: 7.5pt 0in; text-align: justify;"><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p> <p style="text-align: justify;">&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Cover, daftar isi 2020-01-08T05:04:02SE Asia Standard Time Sri Hapsari Wijayanti 2020-01-08T00:00:00SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Workshop on Writing a Review of Relevant Literature in a Research Report for English Teachers in Bogor 2020-01-21T02:53:19SE Asia Standard Time Anna Marietta da Silva <p style="text-align: justify;">The workshop on writing a review of relevant literature in a research paper is part of a series of workshop given to English teachers of Bogor Regency. The workshop series is part of the cooperation between Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia and Pakuan University in terms of research and community service. The theme was chosen because of the needs of the teachers to write and publish their classroom action research report for their professional development. Therefore the goal of the workshop is to assist and guide the teachers in their report writing, particularly the literature review. The workshop consisted of explanation about a literature review of a research article, steps to write a review and analysis of samples of reviews. The participants mostly appreciated the content of the workshop and hoped that the following workshop theme will either extend the given materials or cover skills of writing other sections of a research article. They also gave some suggestions related to the technique of delivery and duration of the workshop. &nbsp;</p> 2019-11-22T23:52:11SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Peer Counselor Training for High School Students in West Jakarta 2019-11-30T09:20:44SE Asia Standard Time Widya Risnawaty Sandi Kartasasmita Denrich Suryadi <p style="text-align: justify;">The present community service activities were held to provide peer counselor training for high school Students in West Jakarta. Results from our survey showed several problems such as high achievement demand from parents, disparity between peer groups, and verbal abuse from parents. Despite these problems, students prefer to share their problems with their peers to consulting their problems with the Guidance and Counseling (GC) teacher, subject teacher, or homeroom teacher. To address this problem, the solution offered was to prepare assistance for GC teachers by giving training to selected students so that they are able to help other students, that is as peer counselors. Students who were trained must pass a selection process to meet standard qualifications as peer counselors. The peer counselor training aimed to provide competency-based knowledge and skills as a counselor. The task of these peer counselors was to act as peer assistants who can accommodate stories and complaints from peers based on basic counselling skills. Peer counselors are expected to help reduce psychological tension experienced by peers in need. The implementation stages included the following: socializing the program, implementation of training with 14 sessions, practices and supervisions, and evaluation program. Through the training, the students were successfully introduced to simple theories and counseling skills to trainees. After 6 simulated exercises, each participant experienced&nbsp; better counseling skills. However,&nbsp; to keep improving their skills, it is necessary that the trainees be given a periodic training and a strong support from the school, especially from GC teachers.</p> 2019-11-29T06:23:17SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Impact of Health Education on Epistaxis First Aid Knowledge among Primary School Teacher in Penjaringan District 2019-11-30T09:20:45SE Asia Standard Time Meidiana Lie Soegianto Ali <p style="text-align: justify;">Epistaxis is defined as bleeding of the nose that frequently occurs in children. Although epistaxis is not a serious condition, the correct first aid management is necessary to prevent the complication. Primary school teachers take the role of parents in school, therefore they are expected to know the right first aid management of epistaxis. It is expected that health education on epistaxis will increase the knowledge of first aid management on epistaxis. This training aims to know the impact of health education on the knowledge of epistaxis first aid management among primary school teachers in Penjaringan District. The training was evaluated in the pre and post intervention. The respondents were five primary school teachers from elementary schools in Penjaringan Districts, North Jakarta. Data were collected by questionnaire based interview taken from Dr.Nymbaka O. Kevin M. Med ENT, Head &amp; Neck Surgery Resident “An Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice in First Aid Management of Epistaxis” before and after the health education. The results showed that there was an increase of number of teacher with good level of knowledge on epistaxis management from 5,3% to 96,1% after the health education. The paired t-test analysis shows the increase was statistically significant. Evaluation of the training confirmed that epistaxis health education improved the knowledge of epistaxis first aid management among primary school teachers in Penjaringan District.</p> 2019-11-20T13:19:15SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Internet Marketing for Traditional Craftsmen of Baduy 2019-11-30T09:20:46SE Asia Standard Time Suharyati Suharyati Ika Nurlaili Isnainiyah <p>Regulation of the Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia No.1 of 2013 explain that the Indonesian government continues to strive to alleviate poverty and improve the welfare of the population through community empowerment activities. The 4.0 industrial revolution era triggered the digital technology trend, especially the internet to support product marketing, e.g. by reducing marketing costs and labor costs. However, the lack of technological knowledge is undeniable on a number of Indonesian population, such as MSME entrepreneurs of Outer Baduy traditional craftsmen in the Kanekes village. Government support is needed through ongoing activities with higher education institutions to provide education and assistance on product marketing (internet marketing). Community service held by lecturers from the Faculty of Economics, UPN Veteran Jakarta, aims to empower and raise the knowledge of the Outer Baduy community regarding internet marketing education and practice using social media. The approach used in this activity consists of talks, module creation, tutorials and practice on product marketing strategies using social media such as Instagram and Facebook. Based on the questionnaire analysis results, it is identified that the understanding of social media features for the promotion, networking and marketing expansion from participants has reached 68,57%.</p> <p><strong>Keywords: </strong>internet marketing; social media; Instagram; Baduy</p> 2019-11-26T14:38:04SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Community Empowerment by Increasing The Hygiene and Competitive Production of Balobo Salted Fish 2019-11-30T09:20:46SE Asia Standard Time Erwin Ubwarin Nelson Gaspesz Sostones Y. Sisinaru <p>Maluku Province is the national source of a fishery, the overload production urges society to use the fish salting method because it is unable to absorb by the market. One of the process results is Balobo fish from Aru Island which is tasteful and delicious, but there is no Halal Certification and Food Production Certificate - Household industry made low sales, with traditional production methods that not yet utilize technology furthermore results in low quality and quantity. Because of that, the purpose of community empowerment is to increase the hygiene and competitive production of balobo salted fish. The purpose of these activities is to increase the economy of the society whose acts as the producer of balobo salted fish, and to execute the program of the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education. The used method is design thinking, socialization, production equipment training, reduce the water content in salted fish to long-lasting, and check the nutrient content. The objectives of the activities are mindset alteration of society from conventional production to technology, hygiene production process, halal certification from Majelis Ulama Indonesia, has the nutrient content information and the enhancement of product endurance by reducing the water content in the product. The conclusion is Maluku has a huge fishery potential, one of which is salted fish, by changing the mindset and technology furthermore it can increase the society's standard of living. The proposal is monetary aid for the capital and complex machinery to accelerate the production and sales process.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Keywords: Balobo Fish, Competitive, Hygiene</strong></p> 2019-11-30T03:37:55SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Secercah Hati: Community Empowerment Program in Health and Economic Affairs through the Role of Posyandu and Posbindu 2019-11-30T09:20:47SE Asia Standard Time V. Santi Paramita Iis Isnayati Yusep Ikrawan Tania Adialita <p style="text-align: justify;">The poverty level of urban communities, indicated by the high rate of maternal and infant mortality, the presence of stunting problems, and the poor health of the elderly in the Cibereum Village, Cimahi City, have an impact on the lack of concern for individual health and environmental health. The Secercah Hati program is created with the purpose of overcoming such problems. This program is a community empowerment program to create a healthy, knowledgeable, and prosperous society by increasing the role of women. It&nbsp; is collaborating with the Cimahi City Government Program, based on the 2017-2022 Cimahi City Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMD). Furthermore, the Secercah Hati Program is also an implementation of a partnership which is not only between Jenderal Achmad Yani University and the Cimahi City Government but also with Pasundan University. The program attempts to solve the issues by improving the role of Posyandu and Posbindu. The method of activity begins with a situation analysis that is coordinated with Cimahi City Government, problem identification, gathering and analyzing needs, determining priority problems, providing solutions, implementing, and evaluating. This participatory empowerment activity was carried out by forming a women's community consisting of Posyandu and Posbindu managers. Empowerment was implemented through training, workshops, mentoring, and role play (theatrical), so that they could optimize their role in improving public health and the environment and supporting the family economy. They were taught the ability to produce culinary with strong branding and market products utilizing digital marketing. In addition, they learnt to manage capital to support business sustainability. The program has an impact on increasing the number of cadres and the level of community participation in Posyandu and Posbindu activities, increasing the number of women entrepreneurs and increasing community income. The success of this community empowerment program needs to be supported by the concept of exciting and measurable activities in order to get a positive response from the community. Mentoring activities would be conducted continuously until the community is accustomed to and able to run programs independently and this is one of the keys to success. Implementing activities that synergize the Regional Government, Universities, and the community have proven to make the community empowerment program more effective.</p> 2019-11-28T10:09:57SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Career Planning Education for High School Students in Kecamatan Limo, Depok 2019-11-30T09:20:48SE Asia Standard Time Alnisa Min Fadlillah Dienni Ruhjatini <p style="text-align: justify;">The present community service program was motivated by a number of problems faced by employees, especially those who had just entered the workforce. They were confused in determining their career levels. As a result, they held the position that they did not like. This condition affected their career developments. It could hinder their performance and job satisfaction so that in the end the company might be harmed. Therefore, the present activity aimed to educate high school students about the importance of early career planning. The program was given to grade X high school students in Limo District, Depok, West Java. The activity was implemented in two meetings. The methods used included lectures, discussion, question and answer sessions, and career planning practice. Participants were also invited to explain the results of their career planning. The results of evaluation of 78 students in general shows increasing knowledge about self-understanding, self-preparation, introduction to the world of work, and future planning.</p> 2019-11-30T04:26:20SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Psychological Guidance for Independent Adolescents Program in PSAA Ceger and Tebet, Jakarta 2019-11-30T09:20:48SE Asia Standard Time Penny Handayani Novita W. Sutantoputri Anissa Azura <p style="text-align: justify;">Ceger and Tebet Childcare Social Institution (PSAA) is the Technical Service Unit of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Social Service that provides services for adolescents at junior and senior high school levels. As a social care institution, it is undeniable that fulfilling psychological needs is just as important as fulfilling physical needs. Various problems that arise in foster children are usually concerned with lack of fulfillment of psychological needs. When an individual reaches the adolescent phase, the need for psychological fulfillment changes. In the adolescent phase, independence is one of the main development tasks that need to be mastered, so the focus of assistance in 2018 was directed to preparation for orphanage youths in facing life after the orphanage, which will begin after they graduate from high school. The present community service activity aims to provide psychological assistance for children of PSAA Putra Utama 3 Tebet and Putra Utama 4 Ceger Jakarta to help them become independent and to be ready to face life after high school, with an understanding of how to effectively manage themselves and manage others in personal and professional situations. Through this program, participants were expected to be able to learn the following skills: be independent and ready to work, manage themselves, and manage others. The community mentoring training module was designed based on the typical characteristics of participants fromm PSAA Putra Utama 3 Tebet and 4 Ceger during the 11 month assistance period. It can also be used by the PSAA to run training-based mentoring intervention programs independently in the future.</p> 2019-11-29T06:28:43SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Digital Marketing Training and Assistance for SMEs as an Effort to Improve the Jabet Sop Sales Service 2019-11-30T09:20:49SE Asia Standard Time Sri Wahyuni Welda Mudiar Andyni Yulfanis Aulia Masrifa <p style="text-align: justify;">From their developments, food stalls, especially those in DKI Jakarta, experienced very rapid growth. The increasing number of businesses in the culinary field provides the consumers with many choices. For soup fans in Jakarta, one alternative is Jabet Sop. In one area in Kemayoran Subdistrict, Serdang District, there are several SMEs and one of them is Jabet Sop. Perbanas IKPIA, in collaboration with the DKI Jakarta Department of Industry and Energy, provided training for SMEs in making financial reports and simple bookkeeping and building adequate business facilities and infrastructure. This method of community-empowerment activities was carried out through training and mentoring programs and resolving ongoing problems by providing entrepreneurial motivation and managerial skills training, training in the use of information technology for marketing. After the training, Jabet Sop has been able to market their product through social media namely IG, become a merchant of both GrabFood and GoFood, provide decent facilities and infrastructure such as tables, and prepare financial statements and bookkeeping.</p> 2019-11-28T14:35:11SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## The Utilization of School Health Unit in Promoting Children's Mental Health in Kelurahan Limo Depok 2019-11-30T09:20:49SE Asia Standard Time Evin Novianti Duma Lumban Tobing <p style="text-align: justify;">School Health Unit (UKS) is conceived to accommodate children's problems, either physically, psychologically, emotionally, morally, or spiritually. However, in its implementation, the majority of UKS in schools tend to handle physical complaints rather than provide more holistic services. The purpose of this commmunity-empowerment activity was to increase the role of nurses in the physical and mental health promotion of school children by examining the UKS role in Elementary State School (SDN) 01 Limo. The community-empowerment activity carried out included the provision of material about growing children both physically and mentally, training parents to communicate assertively with the child by responding positively to the child's emotions. Before the activity was implemented, 60 respondents were measured for their ability to handle the material and the assertive communication. By using the Paired T-test, the result of a significant influence on the improvement of knowledge, attitudes and psychomotor with pvalue = 0,000 (P &lt; 0.05) was obtained. The respondents’ knowledge increase by 6.51 points, psychomotor 5.73 points, and attitude 2.46 points. It was concluded that mental health promotion efforts incorporated in UKS should be continued as the flagship program of SDN 01 Limo.</p> 2019-11-28T13:40:21SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement## Ucapan Terima Kasih, Indeks 2020-01-17T03:14:00SE Asia Standard Time Sri Hapsari Wijayanti <p>Indeks Penulis dan Indeks Subjek</p> 2020-01-17T03:13:59SE Asia Standard Time ##submission.copyrightStatement##