Jurnal InterAct https://ejournal.atmajaya.ac.id/index.php/interact <p><strong>Jurnal InterAct&nbsp;</strong>&nbsp;publishes articles based on research, theoretical perspectives on the development of the communication field, and scientific evaluation/analysis on the implementation of communication programs. ISSN Online (<a title="issn online" href="http://u.lipi.go.id/1511128515" target="_self">2614-1442</a>)</p> <p><strong>Jurnal InterAct</strong>&nbsp;provides an equivalent weight on the academic and applied aspects within the development sphere of communication theory based on communication levels and social-cultural growth.</p> <p>The articles and themes presented in the journal have the goal to increase the understanding of the importance of communication and in developing new concepts to provide solutions in implementing communication science in Indonesia.</p> <p><strong>Jurnal InterAct</strong>&nbsp;discusses materials and current issues on a broad scope of communication science that includes:</p> <p><strong>1. Empirical/scientific results conducted towards a communication activity.</strong><br><strong>2. Analysis of scientific concepts that are within the boundaries of communication science.</strong><br><strong>3. Evaluation/analysis on a communication program.</strong><br><strong>4. Reviews of a new theoretical/scientific textbooks in the Communication Science discipline.</strong></p> en-US nia.sarinastiti@atmajaya.ac.id (Nia Sarinastiti) jurnal.interact@gmail.com (Sekretariat Redaksi) Sun, 23 Jan 2022 13:00:33 SE Asia Standard Time OJS http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss 60 Representasi Citra Victoria’s Secret di Forbes.com terkait Kasus Body Shaming https://ejournal.atmajaya.ac.id/index.php/interact/article/view/2784 <p>Victoria Secret's (VS) is one of the companies that experienced a crisis due to the body shaming case carried out by chief marketing officer in the company. The media can frame information about the company by focusing on its strengths or weaknesses in its reporting. Forbes.com is an online business media that participates in reporting on the body shaming case faced by VS. The purpose of this study is to determine the representation of the Victoria's Secret (VS) corporate image in Forbes.com related to the body shaming case. The research method used is a qualitative method with analysis of the framing model of Robert Entman. This study analyzes the news on Forbes.com regarding VS in November 2018. The results of this study indicate that the representation of the Victoria's Secret company image is negatively published in the news on Forbes.com because of the crisis experienced. The case of body shaming is not handled properly so that it cannot be controlled or detained which results in losses for the company.</p> Marcella Rizkiana, El Chris Natalia ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://ejournal.atmajaya.ac.id/index.php/interact/article/view/2784 Sun, 23 Jan 2022 12:15:39 SE Asia Standard Time Pentingnya Manajemen Isu bagi Maskapai Penerbangan dalam Menghadapi Dampak COVID-19 (Studi: Cathay Pacific Airways) https://ejournal.atmajaya.ac.id/index.php/interact/article/view/3148 <div class="page" title="Page 1"> <div class="layoutArea"> <div class="column"> <p>Unplanned events are unexpected and are often referred to as “negative shocks” in the world of tourism. One of the example is an outbreak or a pandemic. When it occurred, one of the tourism sectors that is most affected is airlines. Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the pandemic on March 2020, the airlines industry, including Cathay Pacific are experiencing a significant decline because of some restrictions such as lockdown, tourist attractions closed, flights canceled and social distancing. This study was conducted on March-December 2020. The main aim of the study is to examine the steps that Cathay Pacific Airways has taken according to issue management in overcoming the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The qualitative reseach method is used with data collection based on interviews with staff of Cathay Pacific Airways representative office in Indonesia, direct observation, and secondary data from supporting documents. The results obtained from this study is that Cathay Pacific Airways can handle the issue by launching Cathay Care Campaign, Cathay Credit and Fly Worry Free. The airlines also followed the stages of issue lifecycle. Through this program, Cathay Pacific Airways is also able to maintain trust and convince the guests (or prospective passangers). Those capabilities can be seen from the operational activities that are still ongoing even though route cuts and departure cancellations often have to be carried out.</p> </div> </div> </div> Emerentia Levana, Agnes Harnadi, Astuti Kusumawicitra ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://ejournal.atmajaya.ac.id/index.php/interact/article/view/3148 Sun, 23 Jan 2022 12:49:40 SE Asia Standard Time Pengaruh Akun Media Sosial Instagram @whiteboardjournal Terhadap Pemenuhan Kebutuhan Informasi Pembaca https://ejournal.atmajaya.ac.id/index.php/interact/article/view/3149 <div class="page" title="Page 1"> <div class="layoutArea"> <div class="column"> <p>As time develops, so has globalization. The field of communication and technology is one of the fields that is developing rapidly due to the development of globalization. One of the effects is social media. In this era, social media can be easily used by all people. Various social media provide various information on various platforms so that people can choose according to their information needs. The most frequently used social media in Indonesia is Instagram. Nowadays, Instagram is not only used for individual needs, but now Instagram has many benefits, for example, to do buying and selling or online shop, and to spread the latest information or news. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to find out how the influence of the Instagram @whiteboardjournal social media account on meeting the information needs of readers. This study uses a quantitative approach with a survey method. The population of this research is Communication Science students class of 2019 State University of Jakarta totaling 82 people with a total sample of 68 people. From the results of the study, it can be seen that there is an influence between the Instagram social media account @whiteboardjournal with meeting the information needs of readers.</p> </div> </div> </div> Shazrin Daniyah Khansa, K. Y.S. Putri ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://ejournal.atmajaya.ac.id/index.php/interact/article/view/3149 Sun, 23 Jan 2022 12:50:38 SE Asia Standard Time Kekuatan Instagram dengan Electronic-Word-of-Mouth (Ewom) dan Influencer dalam Komunikasi Pemasaran https://ejournal.atmajaya.ac.id/index.php/interact/article/view/3150 <div class="page" title="Page 1"> <div class="layoutArea"> <div class="column"> <p>Social media has the power to change the patterns of people interacting and communicating. The growth use of Social Networking Sites/SNS has also led to changes in the communications industry, one of this is the integration of communication and marketing. This study aims to understand how the power of Instagram with eWOM and influencers that focus on the beauty and lifestyle in the digital era when conducting communication and marketing activities for one of the beauty products brands. The method in this study uses a “qualitative approach”, while data collection uses the “Indepth Interview” technique. Interview process using the Zoom application on two informants who were actively using Instagram, had used social media for eWOM, had a minimum number of followers was 1000, and focused to the development of beauty trends in Indonesia. The results of this study indicate that currently the brand not only focus on eWOM and influencers with a large number of followers, but also focus to the scope and closeness of influencers with their followers. The eWOM activities carried out by influencers with reviews based on experience. The variety of eWOM is divided into two, sponsored and not sponsored.</p> </div> </div> </div> Atikah Putri Adrilia Gultom, Irwansyah Irwansyah ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://ejournal.atmajaya.ac.id/index.php/interact/article/view/3150 Sun, 23 Jan 2022 12:51:36 SE Asia Standard Time Motif Penggunaan Aplikasi Tik Tok di Kota Semarang https://ejournal.atmajaya.ac.id/index.php/interact/article/view/3151 <div class="page" title="Page 1"> <div class="layoutArea"> <div class="column"> <p>Initially the use of Tik Tok received negative views. However, in 2019 Tik Tok managed to beat Facebook and Instagram in popularity. The purpose of this research is to find out the motives of Tik Tok users in creating and sharing their music videos. The theoretical basis used is Uses and Gratification and Media Usage Motives, which assume that media users are active and deliberately determine their motives in using and consuming media. This research is quantitative research with a descriptive approach. The number of samples in this study was 100 people. With the criteria of the people of Semarang City, having the Tik Tok application on a smartphone, having made and uploading at least 5 videos using the Tik Tok application. The results of the study show that there are four main motives in the use of Tik Tok social media, namely: 1) information motives; 2) personal identity; 3) social integration and interaction; 4) and entertainment. The most dominant motive is integration and social interaction.</p> </div> </div> </div> Ahmad Khairul Nuzuli, Wahyu Kristian Natalia ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://ejournal.atmajaya.ac.id/index.php/interact/article/view/3151 Sun, 23 Jan 2022 12:52:45 SE Asia Standard Time Strategi Lobi Dan Negosiasi Dalam Mendapatkan Sponsorship Pada Event IKOM Entrepreneurship Fest 2020 https://ejournal.atmajaya.ac.id/index.php/interact/article/view/2738 <p>Ikom Entrepreneurship Fest (IEF) 2020 is a webinar event that aims to educate the public, MSME owners, or prospective business people to be able to take advantage of social media to support their business. This event uses a source of funding in the form of sponsorship. To find sponsors, both lobbying and negotiation strategies are needed so that cooperation can run well. The purpose of this research is to find out how the lobbying and negotiation strategies are used by the Public Relations of the IEF 2020 event in obtaining sponsorship for the event. This study used a descriptive qualitative approach and interviews as data collection techniques. The type of data obtained by researchers in this study is primary data. The results of this study state that the lobbying strategy used by the Public Relations of the IEF 2020 event is a direct lobbying strategy with a transactional and networking approach. The negotiation strategy used in this study is the Win-Win negotiation strategy.</p> Lukman Hakim, Farhan Nurikhsan, Hidayat Purwanto Jamil, Dini Safitri ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://ejournal.atmajaya.ac.id/index.php/interact/article/view/2738 Sun, 23 Jan 2022 12:42:19 SE Asia Standard Time Optimasi Media Sosial Instagram @kulinersby dalam Mempromosikan Wisata Kuliner Surabaya https://ejournal.atmajaya.ac.id/index.php/interact/article/view/3153 <div class="page" title="Page 1"> <div class="layoutArea"> <div class="column"> <p>The Instagram @kulinersby social media account is one of the platforms that has been promoting culinary tourism in the city of Surabaya since 2014. This study aims to look at optimizing the @kulinersby Instagram account as one of the culinary tourism promotion media. Several social media marketing concepts are used to see how the optimization works, namely content creation, content sharing, connecting, and community building. All uploads and interactions of followers on the account become primary data sources, then compared with secondary data in interviews with the account manager, namely Syafira Defani Putri. The results of this study indicate that @kulinersby has implemented good management in several aspects, especially for content management, starting from its creation, content sharing such as consistently uploading content and sharing food themes, to connecting with followers through interaction and discussion, as well as collaborating with foodvloggers. Meanwhile, for community building, @kulinersby is still adapting with many communities to be uniform and work well together. This research suggests that @kulinersby owners take full advantage of Instagram by considering various new features and Instagram business insights as evaluation and development material.</p> </div> </div> </div> Fathul Qorib, Herru Prasetya Widodo, Asfira Rachmad Rinata ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://ejournal.atmajaya.ac.id/index.php/interact/article/view/3153 Sun, 23 Jan 2022 12:54:39 SE Asia Standard Time