Peer Review Process

Each article sent to the editor will be checked first by the editor. The editor checks whether the article meets the style and the scope of the journal. If it does, it will undergo a review process through an open journal system (OJS). The review system used by the journal is a double-blind review. The author and the reviewer don't know each other.

The editor will invite two reviewers who are familiar with the topic of the article. If the reviewers agree to review the article, the editor will send them the article via OJS. The review process is done by filling out the form provided by the journal, and the reviewers may provide important notes for the writer to improve the quality of the article. Furthermore, based on the recommendations of the reviewers, the editor will make a decision whether the article should be rejected, accepted with revisions (major or minor), or accepted without any revision. Each article reviewed within two to five weeks at the latest.

Aspects to be reviewed :

1.novelty of topic 
2. authenticity of the manuscript
3. scientific value
4. contribution to society and science
5. conformity with the author's expertise
6. ethical aspects
7. systematic writing
8. reference list related to citations
9. grammar, diction, spelling, punctuation
10. scientific misconduct