Focus & Scope

MitraMas focus and scope are the implementation of science, technology, and art from various fields of science, in solving health problems in the community.
Examples are:
1. Behavioral Science: Health education to improve healthy behavior of the community.
2. Nutrition: Screening of malnutrion among children in Jakarta.
3. Non-communicable disease: Screening and prevention of hypertension in community.
4. Architecture: City or area designs to prevent airborne and waterborne diseases.
5. Psychology: Trauma healing among disaster survivors.
6. Social science and Politics: Involvement of communities in health policies.
7. Administration: Teaching health cadre about “Posyandu” administration.
8. Economies: Improvement of micro-economic activities among mothers with under five children.
9. Occupation health: Teaching safety behavior to prevent occupational injury among health workers.
10. Other fields of science