Focus and Scope

The Journal of Urban Health Research (JUHR) is dedicated to disseminating high-quality, interdisciplinary research focused on understanding, promoting, and enhancing urban health and well-being. JUHR prioritizes studies that investigate the complex interplay between urban living and various determinants of health.

The scope of the Journal of Urban Health Research (JUHR) encompasses a wide range of topics related to urban health and medicine. JUHR welcomes submissions that explore, but are not limited to, the following areas:
• Diseases in urban environments
• Urban lifestyle and behavioral factors
• Maternal and child health in urban settings
• Urban mental health and well being
• Gender and cultural diversity in urban health
• Socio-economic factors in urban populations
• Environmental factors on public health
• Nutrition and food security
• Role of pharmacies in public health
• Health promotion and disease prevention strategies
• Digital health literacy
• Health crisis management
• Etc