Usulan Perancangan Ulang Tata Letak Lantai Produksi untuk Memaksimalkan Area Produksi (Studi Kasus PT. XYZ)

  • Rio Wirawan Nicholas
  • Trifenaus Prabu Hidayat
  • Andre Sugioko
Keywords: Layout design, ABS Model 3, CORELAP, Distance


PT. XYZ is a manufacturing company which produced a variety of products
with uncertain demand. All of the products made of Polyurethane. This company
plans to expand their production floor at the 1st floor to accommodate the
machines at the 2nd floor. The reason for this expansion was because the
operators have to go to the 2nd floor if they want to produce some small-sized
products, which increases the material flow on the production floor.
Furthermore, the ovens located only at the first floor, causing the flow to
increase even more. If all the machines are at the same floor, the material flow
will decrease. The purpose of this research is to propose layout design, which
can reduce the distance between machines. This research using quantitative and
qualitative approach. Quantitative approach uses ABSMODEL 3 algorithm,
while qualitative approach uses CORELAP method. This final proposal also
considers some other areas, which is Quality Control and finishing area
including racks for finished products. These two approaches compared in order
to know which one generates the shortest distance, where the better result turned
out the one using quantitative approach with the total distance of 80,67 m.

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