Peer Reviewed Process

Process of Peer Review                                

Every paper undergoes thorough peer review. Only works that have been evaluated and approved by exceptionally skilled researchers with knowledge in a relevant topic are published. A double-blind peer review procedure was employed.

Detail information on the workflow from the author's manuscript submission to the editor's acceptance.:

  1. Submission of Manuscript (by the Author).
  2. Manuscript Selection and Checking (by editors and the manager).
  3. Editors are free to refuse or give a direct review.
  4. Every paper undergoes a Turnitin plagiarism check prior to further processing stages.
  5. The process of reviewing a manuscript (by reviewers). The manuscript will be sent to one unnamed reviewer.
  6. The Corresponding author receives the blind reviewers' remarks and takes the appropriate action or reaction. Following that, the editorial committee meeting recommended the authors' final choice regarding the amended paper.
  7. An ultimate publication decision will be made by the Editor based on input received during the peer review process. The evaluation procedure will take between four and twelve weeks. Notification of Acceptance, Revision, or Rejection of Manuscript (sent by Editor to Author based on Comments from Reviewers).
  8. Revision of the Paper (Author).
  9. Author's revision submission is based on reviewer suggestions.
  10. Notification of acceptance (by editor) should be sent if the editor/reviewer appears satisfied with the revision.
  11. The publication process uses final proofing.

After taking into account the peer reviewers' comments, the journal editor or editorial board makes a decision. Decision-making categories consist of:

  1. Reject: Manuscripts that are rejected will not be published, and writers will not be able to send their work to Jurnal Metris again with revisions.
  2. Resubmit for Review: The submission should be revised; nonetheless, it might be approved with considerable revisions.
  3. Accept with revisions: Manuscripts that are accepted with the option to make minor or major revisions will be published in Jurnal Metris after they have been revised. Revisions will be examined by an editorial team to make sure all essential adjustments are made before publishing.
  4. Accept - Manuscripts that are accepted will be published just as they are, no revisions needed.