Analisis Kebijakan, Strategi dan Analisis SWOT Pengelolaan Usaha Rumput Laut Nelayan Daerah Pesisir Pantai Amal Kota Tarakan

  • Riyans Ardiyansyah
  • Nurjannatul Hasanah
Keywords: Policy, Strategy, Seaweed, SWOT


This study aims to analyze the policy strategy for the development of effective
effort to increase the income of seaweed fishermen. The data were collected
through observation, interview, questionnaire and documentation. Data were
analyzed by using descriptive analysis, indicator analysis and policy succesfull,
and SWOT analysis. Results showed that seaweed fishermen have problems
associated with human resources, capital, facility availability, marketing of
seaweed product, seaweed seeds supply, weather and networking. The policies
and efforts which have been done by local government in Tarakan have not
solved the problems yet. This study suggest to maximize the strength and
opportunity (SO strategy), utilize the internal strength and minimize external
threaten (ST strategy), utilize the opportunity and minimize the weakness (WO
strategy) and minimize weakness and anticipate threaten (WT strategy).

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