Publication Ethics

The code of ethics of publication is a norm to be obeyed by the author who will publish his/her scientific work in the media publications. The basic norm in publication is the priority, morals, scientific integrity, and honesty of the author.

Code of ethics for authors who wish to publish in Jurnal InterAct are listed below:

  1. The author must uphold the scientific conduct and understanding of the benefits and risks of published writing.
  2. Published articles contain no misconduct practice, including: fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism/autoplagiarism.
  3. Authors are required to include sufficient citation on all statements, ideas, and data.
  4. Articles published in the field of communication.
  5. Authors listed in articles are competent and have a meaningful contribution in the writing.
  6. Authors do not conduct any double manuscript submission to another journal or other means of publication.
  7. Every parts of the submitted articles have not been published in any other publication.
  8. The published articles are original results of research, ideas or thoughts of the author.