Perbaikan Efektivitas Bank Indonesia Sistem Manajemen Aset (BISMA) dengan Perancangan Standar Operasional Prosedur (SOP)

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Keywords: BISMA, Effectiveness, SOP


Concerning with the enactment of the Regulation of the Governor of Bank
Indonesia Number 11/2/PDG/ 2009 dated February 20, 2009 on the Management
of Logistics of Bank Indonesia, particularly regarding the management of Bank
Indonesia's goods, it is necessary to assume the Asset Management System of
Bank Indonesia, called BISMA. BISMA is a Bank Indonesia Asset Management
application that consists of interrelated modules for recording asset data, asset
recognition, asset depreciation, asset optimization, and asset resolution
development using information technology. Although the application of this
application runs well but the purpose of this paper is to see its effectiveness by
analyzing the application of BISMA both in terms of field conditions or literature
studies and make improvements with SOP design. Where the performance of the
SOP is raced on the Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia No. 6
of 2006, PMK RI No. 96 / PMK.06 / 2007, PMK RI No. 102 of 2009 and
Regulation of the Director General of KN No 07 / KN / 2009.

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