Perkembangan Teknologi Rapid Prototyping: Study Literatur

  • Andhy Rinanto
  • Wahyudi Sutopo
Keywords: rapid prototyping, rapid, prototyping history, literature study


Rapid prototyping technology continues to grow and widely used in the field of
human life. The ability to form various objects makes RP technology can go
anywhere easily. This literature study aims to determine rapid prototyping
technology developments from the beginning to the present and to see future
developments. Literature is selected from journals discussing manufacturing
technology, its origins, of methods used, of integration with other fields and of
the application of RP technology. Scopus used as other data source to know the
development of RP research from year to year. Through the analytical facilities
available at Scopus, it can be used to know the areas of human life that entered
this technology. RP technology is still evolving and integrating with other fields.
In the future, this technology will be easily accessible and accessible to everyone.

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