Pendekatan Metode Tiga Fase dalam Optimasi Masalah Rute Kendaraan dengan Varian Jenis Kendaraan dan Jenis Produk

  • Christine Natalia
  • Agustinus Silalahi
  • Jessica Khantidevi
Keywords: Vehicle routing, optimization, three-phase method, cluster


SClustering is a commonly system used by the distribution company. Some
consumers who are in the same location but located in two different clusters as
a result of a fixed and rigid area within cluster, resulting in longer delivery
time and higher cost incurred to deliver the order. The purpose of this research
is to determine the optimal vehicle route using three-phase method approach
that improve the clustering system. Complexity arising from the problem of
this vehicle routing includes variant types of vehicles and variants of product
types. The three-phase method includes a cluster-making phase with a
maximum distance between consumers within 10 kilometers, a cluster
adjustment phase, and a routing phase that determine shipping routes and
calculate total distribution cost. Numerical examples shows that the cost of
distributing goods can be minimized, from an average of IDR 1,064,408.33 to
an average of IDR 775,586.46. Thus a three-phase method may improve the
clustering system by reducing distribution time and cost.

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