Studi Pengaruh Empat Faktor Tipografi terhadap Waktu Pencarian Kata pada Layar Komputer

  • Yanto Yanto
Keywords: Typography, Font, Spacing, Color, background, Response time


This study aims to investigate the effect of font type, font size, line spacing and
text background colour on visual search of “a predetermined word”. The study
used a multifactorial experiment with four factors and 48 combinations. A
number of 20 female undergraduate students participated in this study and their
response time for each treatment combination was recorded. Anova test results
showed that there were significant effect of font type (F=2.72, p=0.042) and font
size (F=8.14, p=0.004) to the response time of subject. Further analysis using
ANOM chart showed that verdana for font type and 12 pt for font size provide
the fastest response time. Results of this study could be used by web designers
for the production of web pages so that it will optimize interaction with the users.

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