The Schemes Funding Analyisis for Technology Commercialization: A Case Study

  • Wahyudi Sutopo
  • Rina Wiji Astuti
  • Yuniaristanto Yuniaristanto
Keywords: Commercialization, Funding Strategy, Funding Scheme, Technology Based, Firm


Funding is an important aspect in doing commercialization of the results of
research based technology. Adequate funding is needed to develop successful
research. This article is focused on developing a funding strategy for technology
commercialization, on the condition where the funds owned by the researcher is
not sufficient, the efforts need to do is find the source of funding from the other
funding source. This research methodology was conducted by identifying an
alternative access to the finance commercialization of technologies that possible
and analyzing detail on each scheme by collecting primary data through
interviews and support with some secondary data. The data were collected from
interviews with the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of universities in
Indonesia; questionnaires and published material from some universities and
research centers and Ministry of Science, Technology, and Higher Education of
Indonesia. We also made a case study of a comparative analysis between
Indonesia and Malaysia. The collected data were transcribed and analyzed with
mapping analysis based on the criteria for each funding scheme. Conclusions
are drawn from the study findings and recommendation made.

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