Analisis Efektivitas Mesin Tette 3200 Line 1 Guna Meminimalisir Waktu Downtime Dengan Metode Overall Equipment Effectiveness di PT. BI

  • Hermanto Hermanto
  • Elfitra Wiratmani
  • M. Irvan
Keywords: Effectiveness engine, Downtime Time, Overall Equipment, Effectiveness, Engineering Fette320


Overall Equipment Effectiviness (OEE) is one of the way to determine the level
of effectiveness of utilization of equipment. OEE is known as an application
program from Total Preventive Maintenance (TPM). This study measured OEE
is a performance value that is 52.84%. The study found that speed losses is one
of the real issues, namely the value of idle and minor STOPPAGE i.e. 42.01%
and this loss occurs due to several reasons such as waiting for the materials in the
process and not the operator, so the recommended action is to strengthen
supervision of employees, mainly machine operators. After doing research,
calculating and analyzing the value of Overall Equipment Effectiveness of engine
performance fette 3200 line 1, the factors that cause OEE values below the
standard affected the performance score is 52.84%, the value of availability is
79.48%, the value of quality that is 97.89% for roots cause of the low value of
OEE that occurred in PT. Bayer Indonesia in 3200 fette production line machine
line 1 in the period January-September 2015 caused availability value, value
performance, quality and value are still below standard OEE is 85%. Difference
OEE values obtained under the standard is 41.04%. Propose strategies with the
engine Fette 3200 to increase the value of OEE in order to suppress the downtime
by pursuing a strategy of monitoring the machine operator so that the operator can
do the job effectively, create standard ways of cleaning and setup time machine
that not a lot of time discarded, do make to stock to part critical components so
that no downtime high value.

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