Engineering Fette320

  • Stephen Pratama
  • Hotma Antoni Hutahaean
Keywords: Design Alphabets, Experiment, Taguchi, Response Surface, NYM Cables


This Research in intended the Effect of manufactures electrical wiring low
voltage. A problem that often occurs on the floor of the factory is the production
of a quality mismatch on the cable NYM 2 x 1.5 mm2 will cause the occurrence
of reduced demand from consumers and would harm consumers when
menggunakanya. Bad results on the wire can not disconnect from the production
process because the engine is one of the very important factor who fought in the
quality of the wiring in the produce. As a result, the value of the isoaltor and the
koduktor a cable can be a good or a bad fit with the existing machine settings.
Usually many companies understand the appropriate combination in getting
optimal results from the machine in karenakan costs incurred to figure it out
pretty expensive. This would result in losses for the company in an amount large
enough because the company would have difficulty fulfilling customer requests.
For the optimal settings for analysis identifying the cable NYM using taguchi
methods, alphabets experiment design and response Surface so that it can be
done the calculation of total to quality cable compared with waste that should be
the responsibility of the company due to the cable does not meet the
specifications in the set (SNI). To conduct the process of identifying the need to
know the data cable-owned waste terytama on cable cable NYM bestseller that
is then compared with the waste before implementation to do the settings in the
machine. Analysis to get the best quality on cable are rated based on a test of
insulator using insulator tester and the conductor using the double bridge tester.
From the results of the calculation of the optimum settings for it is known that
machines with Speed settings pull 41 m/s Speed, Filling 33 m/s, and Speed
Sheeting amounting to 29 m/s and the waste is reduced after implementation i.e.
copper be 1458 Kg and PVC became 89,225 Kg in July 2016 which means
tejadi decrease 41,375% in copper and 41,186% in PVC

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