Profile and Motivation of Entrepreneur Women in North Borneo, Indonesia

  • Cheng-Wen Lee
  • Nurul Hidayat
Keywords: entrepreneur, motivation, achievement, affiliation, autonomy, domination


This study aimed to describe the profile of entrepreneurship and motivation of
female entrepreneurs and employees in North Borneo. The study of the behavior
of entrepreneurs was developed in different perspectives: the economic
perspective, the perspective of psychology, and sociology perspective. This
study used primary data obtained using the survey method. A number of 300
questionnaires was distributed (with the response rate of 95%) in North Borneo.
The questionnaires were distributed in five regions i.e. Tarakan city, Bulungan
district, Malinau district, Tana Tidung district and Nunukan district. In this
study, the Manifest Needs Questionnaire (MNQ) developed by Indarti and
Wulandaru (2003) was used. This instrument was used to measure four
respondents needs: the need for achievement, need for affiliation, need for
autonomy and the need for domination. Based on statistical analysis, this
research proved that women entrepreneurs were more motivated by the need for
a higher performance than the female employees in North Borneo. In term of the
need for affiliation, no evidence that women entrepreneur was more motivated
than female employee. The results also showed that women entrepreneurs were
more motivated by the need for higher autonomy than female employees as well
as for the need for higher predominance.

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